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Peter Goodfellow was born in the North East of England and studied illustration at the Central School of Art and Design, London. His professional career as a freelance illustrator has been mainly in the field of book jacket, advertising and packaging design. With agents in New York,Hamburg and London he established himself as one of Europes leading illustrator. Since moving to Scotland Peter has become one of the best known landscape painters working in Scotland today.Perhaps it is because of my earlier incarnation as an illustrator, where I was constantly asked to fulfil tight briefs usually employing photo realistic techniques my painting which has evolved over the last 17 years has taken the opposite direction.I want the paint surface to have a life of its own.I want it to be alive. To this end I initially apply large brush strokes in an almost random abstract manner taking the paint off over and over again and then reapplying it until I am happy with the mark and I begin to see the beginnings of a place I know.The subsequent brush and palette knife marks will then take me to this place -I have been there. I remember it, the emotion, the weather, the underlying geology, the power of the land – never achieved in a photograph.My memory is my reference. RECENT EXHIBITIONS 2005 -2007 Kranenburg & Fowler, Oban Duff House, Glasgow Duncan Miller, London 2000 - 2007 Dublin Art Fair 1998 - 2007 The Leith Gallery, Edinburgh 1997 - 2007 The Lost Gallery, Aberdeenshire Milton of Crathes, Aberdeenshire 1996 – 2007 Glasgow Art Fair 1995 – 2007 London Contemporary Art Fair, Islington COMMISSIONS Commissioned by the Hon Phillip Astor to design and paint a series of art works (24) and 3 stained glass windows for a private chapel in Migvie, Aberdeenshire PUBLIC AND COMMERCIAL COLLECTIONS Victoria and Albert Museum Saatchi and Saatchi Whitbread Brewer Penguin Books Baxters Foods William Collins and Sons Scandutch, Denmark ICL Computers National Savings British Telecom Quantas Airlines Sacania Motors, Sweden Grisewood & Dempsey Publishers Bergsoe, 3, Denmark Peter Justenson, Denmark Cidel Bank, Luxembourg Integrated Engineering Services, Aberdeen BBC, England Duncan & Todd, Aberdeen CBC, Copenhagen

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