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EPHRAIM CHAURIKA. FIRST GENERATION. BORN 1940. Married to Edna, two children.He became a clock maker after leaving primary school.He settled in Tengenenge in 1966 and joined the first group of sculptors there.He lives in Guruve and Tengenenge he exhibits at Chapungu sculpture park. I see horse which play like lambs in the field, Stone into sheen, a high gloss material, rich in patina, silky and sleek, can best describe Ephraims horses. Ephraim was brought up on a farm where the flaming nostrils and the rolling whites of the eyes of the horse caused him no fear. The Madzimu Bulls with heads of baroque gargoyles, speak of the Minotaur and the bull as myth. Ephraim brings the horse and the bull into the farmyard from the paddock, into the pen and the stable from the wilderness. Ephraim worked from Tengenenge Sculpture Community for many years replique montre suisse and followed the fortunes of the community to Harare. If his life has changed through the broader consequences of the war,his sculpture has not. His horses at Tengenenge are a proud display. Ephraim is a collectors sculptor, a sculptor for those who demand their work to be lit from above and beneath, to be bid for at auction. Ephraim is classed as one of the first generation artists. Sadly his eyes are becoming a problem in old age so we fear he may not be able to sculpt for much longer. Ephraim currently works from his home and farm in Guruve.

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