The Contemporary Fine Art Gallery Eton: Artist Biography - NORBERT SHAMUYARIRA.

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Shamuyarira began sculpting at the age of 17 and spent four years working along side Bernard Takawira. This influence is seen in his early works characterized by a respect for the shape of the stone. Until recently his sculptures were rarely opened up or deeply carved emphasizing a rounded softness with human forms being suggested rather than clearly defined. Family tragedies profoundly influenced much of his work frequently moving towards themes that relate to human relationships and personal feelings. Shamuyarira often portrayed feelings of sadness and insecurity in his work. However, since the mid 1990s his subject matter has become more diversified, including comment on contemporary issues that go beyond his own personal life experiences. He instinctively has shown an acute awareness of let stone be stone in the time-honored tradition of the great carver-sculptors from Michaelangelo to Brancusi to Moore, a tradition to which Shona sculptors, such as Shamuyarira, remain ever faithful.

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