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George Callaghan

George Callaghan was born in County Antrim, N.Ireland in 1941, attending Carrs Glen Primary School up the Old Park Road.

At the age of four his family immigrated to South Africa where he was educated in the ways of apartheid. He also became the Western Province Boxing Champion Gnat weight division.

At the age of 14 the impending death of his Grandfather forced the family to return to Belfast, throwing him in the deep end of sectarianism. George attended Ashfield Secondary Imtermediate.

He left school at 15 to work at Nicholson and Bass printers and box makers, Alfred Street as an apprentice Commercial Artist. A year later he commenced studying Art at the Belfast College of Art on a Scholarship. George started work in Dublin as a juior designer with Janus Advertising Agency and 8 months later moved to Kennys Advertising Agency as a senior designer.

He then moved to London as a designer, 8 months later he immigrated to Sydney, Australia. For a year he worked as a senior designer at McCann Erickson then moved to Leo Burnetts where he stayed for the next 11 years as an Art Director

At the age of 32 he then moved to the Australian Island State of Tasmania where he has lived for the last 27 years. In this time he has been recognised as one of the States leading Artists. He also enjoys the reputation of being Australia's leading Harp maker and a leading exponent of the Celtic Harp. The recordings of his harp music include 2 compact discs, Traditional Airs, and Rhyme and Reason along with several cassettes.


  • 1962 Cema Art Gallery, Belfast
  • 1963 Grafton Gallery, Dublin
  • 1963 I.C.A. Gallery, Dublin
  • 1964/1965 Highgate Gallery, London
  • 1966 Aladdin Gallery, Sydney
  • 1968 Blaxland Galleries, Sydney
  • 1992 Salamanca Collection, Tasmania
  • 1969 Contempory Art Society, Sydney
  • 1970/71/72/ Saddlers Court, Tasmania
  • 1972 Charlie Miller Gallery, Tasmania
  • 1973 Hamilton Gallery, Tasmania
  • 1974 /1975/1997/1998 Saddlers Court, Tasmania
  • 1986 Bower Bank Mill, Tasmania
  • 1989 Swan Gallery, Cygnet Tasmania
  • 1990/1991 Srickland Gallery, Tasmania
  • 1991 Crohill Gallery, Canberra
  • 1994 Kennys Gallery, Galway
  • 1995 Saddlers Court, Tasmania
  • 1995 Bower Bank Mill, Tasmania
  • 1996 Palm Beach Gallery, Sydney
  • 1996 Kennys Gallery, Galway
  • 1996 Liberator Gallery, Adelaide
  • 1996 Cork Art Society, Cork
  • 1996 Cavehill Gallery, Belfast
  • 1996 Salamanca Collection, Tasmania
  • 1997 Red Chapel Gallery, Hobart
  • 2001 Eakin Gallery, Belfast

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