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Mike Healey

Mike Healey was born in Brazil in 1951 and later moved to Scotland in 1962. He studied at Glasgow School of Art, winning The Haldane Travelling Scholarship and The Leverhulme Travelling Scholarship to the United States. From the early 1980s until 1997 Mike was Senior Lecturer at Glasgow School of Art. Mike has exhibited extensively both in his native Scotland and abroad.

His work can be found in many collections worldwide, notably those of Glasgow School of Art, the European Parliament and the Royal Mail.

Mike is a true painter of the Glasgow School, a figurative artist whose stylistic antecedents can be traced back through the flat perspectives of Anne Redpath to the vivid pinks of Cadells Iona shores.

Essentially, a plain air painter, Mike's vivid bravura strokes successfully capture his direct response to the elements. Capturing the changing visual effects of nature on his surroundings is very important. In Mike's own words: It goes beyond paintings, the scents, noises, the wind and sound of the sea. All these influences contribute to the act of painting.

Nicholas Pritchard

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