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I live in the Berkshire countryside. This setting is the inspiration for my work, which is primarily figurative oil paintings of animals close to my home. From an early age I have enjoyed art and this prompted me to take a foundation course at Northbrook College in Horsham, West Sussex. During this course I experimented with a range of media and subject matter. I then moved on to the University of Plymouth (in Exeter) to study for a degree in Fine Art. During my time in Exeter I worked hard to develop my figurative painting skills, often against the advice of my tutors, who urged me to develop a more conceptual style. In 1996 I graduated with an honours degree. I specialise in painting livestock, taking sketches and photographs and then working from them in my studio. I work in oils on thick boxed canvases which have several layers of gesso applied to them. When the gesso is dry, I carefully sand it until it develops a slightly shiny surface which provides the background to my work.

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