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Tomas Clayton Portrait Painter, specialising in Oils on Masonite. Tomas Clayton was born in Birmingham in 1957. 
He studied Fine Art at Hereford Art College before going on to study Graphic Design at Ruskin Hall College of Art in Bournville, Birmingham. 
After leaving College, Tomas worked as a Graphic Designer for Independent Television and the B.B.C. before pursuing a successful career as a freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator. He lives in Bridgnorth, a lovely market town in the heart of Shropshire with his wife Helen and their daughter Leah. His intent is to follow his natural instincts in Fine Art and Portraiture. In the mid 1970's I was invited by a friend to view the Victorian town house he was renovating. The front of the house looked sound, but at least a third of the the back of the house was crumbling. Among the rubble I came across what I presumed were the photographic portraits of the family that once lived there, pre World War 1 I guessed. Although creased and covered in cement dust the family looked pristine, wonderfully attired for the serious occasion of a photograph. Their occasion reduced by my intrusion, my voyeurism. As we stared at one another, I became deeply moved, and asked myself why this strange communion should be so potent? I often sense eye contact is unwelcome; I meet the eyes of the host late into proceedings . They are feeling the strain of maintaining an appearance. The knowledge communicated in that brief moment is uncomfortable, the frisson of true unguarded contact as one ceases to be the smiling host, the statesman or the beguiling CEO, the face in it's default setting. For a fleeting moment, we are congruent. Certain states of consciousness induce in the face honesty. Research into what has been called the 'Default mode network' of the brain suggests that in this state the brain may be running life simulations and providing a sense of self. Interestingly, the Default Mode Network is most active when we are daydreaming. My friend renovated the house. Sadly, he is no longer with us. Maybe the old house contains a portrait. I paint quiet people.

Nicholas Pritchard

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