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Robina Yasmin continues to establish herself as a painter of subjects that enthrall and uplift the viewer. Widely associated with paintings of giraffes and swimmers, Robina is known for her sensitivity of observation and technique. Each of her paintings takes considerable time and each is the outcome of high concentration that focuses on form, colour and especially light. After studying at the Glasgow School of Art Robina established herself in a South London studio where she paints images taken during days out to zoos and whilst on holiday. Not satisfied with adhering to rigid themes, her work is developing constantly and within each theme the paintings themselves explore avenues of possibility. She is in need of constant inspiration in order to be a painter. Her paintings come from times in her life when she is at her happiest. The sense of freedom being on holiday gives plays an important part in her work. Her intention is to pass on this feeling to the viewer.

Nicholas Pritchard

Gallery Owner

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